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ACPAT CPD- Exercise Prescription in the Canine Athlete

Course date: 19th October 2019
The Win Clinic, Wellington, Somerset


Exercise Prescription in the Canine Athlete

Speaker: Tracy Carter DVM BSc MRCVS

Date:  19 October 2019

Times: 08:30-17:00

Registration: 08:30

Start: 09:00

Finish: 17:00

Location: The Win Clinic, Wellington, Somerset


Changes to both skill training and competitive trends have allowed dogs to be faster, with conscious demand for information on health and fitness expanding. Handlers are becoming more involved in sport conditioning and training, as awareness of exercise programs and the desire for team longevity have spread amongst hobbyists and competitors.

Owners are increasingly seeking professionals to answer these questions, intending to actively participate in a rehabilitation program and improve personal knowledge.

Tutor: Tracy Carter DVM BSc MRCVS

Tracy Carter is a veterinarian whose interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation stems from a family tradition of athletics, training and coaching. Passionate about the canine athlete, she has been an agility competitor for the past 15 years and exclusively practiced in the rehabilitative field during her professional career.

She firmly believes teamwork is key in progressing our field.

Course aims:

Participants in this course will gain insight into the competitor perspective, as well as strategies to improve communication and compliance while building exercise programs.

Discussions and practical sessions will focus on breaking down static and dynamic exercises with sports-specific aims.

Following this course, practitioners will have full knowledge of the sports foundation needed in various disciplines, including training strategies utilized by clients. You will be able to build an exercise program reflective of the basic movements and skills needed to maintain the canine athlete.

Emphasis will be placed on the sport of agility, but all popular competitions are covered and we will include the working canine.

Please wear closed-toed shoes and clothing suitable for interacting with dogs.

Topics discussed will include:

Rules and regulations that serve as minimal requirements for entry into various canine sports.

Basic skills and functional movements needed to participate in each sport, with advancements.

Communication strategies that establish clear expectations on sports performance and achievability.

Movement analysis at all gaits and during performance, with an emphasis on deficiencies that can be marked for further examination.

Conditioning expectations and how to structure this with performance optimization.

Alterations to static and dynamic exercises that better target an individual.

Behavioral strategies to improve exercise compliance in all cases, even when a hands-off approach is needed.

Additional information: Please wear clothes suitable for practical sessions 

Cost: ACPAT Member £80     Non Member £120

Catering notes: lunch included

Booking: via ACPAT secretary,

Closing date:  31 July 2019 (Places on a first come first served basis)

Contact on the day: Manessa Faal

Course cancellation policy is available on the website


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Course Fee: £80 - £120

For more information please contact:
ACPAT Secretary