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Please note: ACPAT accepts advertisements in good faith and is not responsible for the content of advertised events, except those provided by ACPAT itself. It is important to note that assumptions cannot be made about the quality or outcomes of a course on the basis of an advert or where a course is being advertised. For example, a course being advertised on our website or journal does not necessarily mean that it is relevant to members, has gone through a quality assurance process or will lead to competence in a particular area. Furthermore, completing a course (despite claims by the promoters) may not be sufficient to establish personal competence in a new area or extend your scope of practice. You are therefore strongly advised to critically evaluate what is being offered and to consider a range of possible options for learning 

Let’s get clinical: Exercise Prescription and Progression for the Equine.
Course date: 15th - 16th June 2019
New Barn Livery, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8TA

Price: £275 - £290
Closing date: 9th March 2019

ACPAT member Jo Paul presents this highly popular course.

ACPAT CPD- Orthotics and Splinting in Practice JULY DATE
Course date: 14th July 2019
Davies Therapy and Fitness Centre

Price: £190 - £240
Closing date: 14th June 2019

Heavily anticipated day course hosted kindly by the wonderful Diane Messum

ACPAT CPD- Orthotics and Splinting in Practice SEPTEMBER DATE
Course date: 24th September 2019
Pride Veterinary Centre, Riverside Road, Derby, DE24 8HX

Price: £190 - £240
Closing date: 20th August 2019

Another date for the popular Splinting course held by Diane Messum ACAPT Cat A.

Canine Neurorehabilitation CPD Day
Course date: 29th September 2019
Ayton House, 11-17 Ayton Road, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0QQ (approx. 9 miles SW of Norwich and 1 hour from Cambridge)

Price: £95 - £120
Closing date: 29th June 2019

The following course is advertised but not hosted by ACPAT


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