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Executive Committee

ACPAT Executive Committee is comprised of ACPAT members who give their limited spare time towards helping ACPAT run smoothly.

Executive Committee

As a Professional Network of the CSP, to support members in their training and promote ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapists both in the UK and Internationally. The Secretary and Treasurer are not ACPAT members and are the only paid members of the executive committee.

Committee Members

Vice Chair
Helen Milward


Sharon Morgan

Gerry Scott

CPD & Research

Research & CPD Officer
Kate Davey

Research Officer
Kaye Hillsden

Research Officer
Molly Fursman


Education Officer
Maxine Cooch

Education Officer
Molly Fursman

Journal / Newsletter

Journal Officer
Daisy Collins

Journal Officer
Amy Davis

Journal Officer
Dr Nicola Smith

Co-opted Journal Officer
Sue Palmer


PR Officer
Kathryn Welland

PR Officer
Hannah O'brien

PR Officer
Hermione Gayton

Co-opted PR Officer
Anna Johnson

Regional Groups

Regional Group Officer
Anna Armstrong


Seminar Officer
Liz Hughes

Seminar Organiser
Anna Risius

Social Media & Website

Co-opted Media Officer
Rebecca Wyatt

Website Officer
Anna Armstrong

Cat B

Vacant Position
to be filled