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Professional Liability Insurance

Being a member of ACPAT you can obtain Medical and Professional Liability Insurance through Graybrook Insurance Brokers Limited.


Graybrook Insurance Brokers Limited

As a member of The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT) you can benefit from our bespoke professional liability insurance scheme, designed specifically for Physiotherapists in animal therapy.

This cover provides Medical and Professional Liability Insurance to protect members against claims resulting from wrongful advice or treatments arising from your work as an animal physiotherapist. This cover does not include Public Liability Insurance, as this is provided separately as part of CSP membership insurance. Students (Cat B Members) must be under the supervision of a qualified member (Cat A) or a healthcare professional holding relevant UK qualifications (such as a Veterinary Surgeon).

The policy is underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance using their latest worldwide liability wording, with levels of cover to suit most individual requirements. The policy covers all previous work of a similar nature, subject to you becoming aware of any new claims for the first time during the currency of this policy only. In addition, when members cease to practice the policy will automatically provide run off cover for up to 3 years to deal with any claims from earlier work, at no extra cost.

Other options include Employers Liability insurance in respect of students or employees in your care.

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