Membership Application Form

Membership Application Form

The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 provides that (with certain specific exceptions) only Veterinary Surgeons may carry out acts of Veterinary surgery upon animals. "Veterinary Surgery" is so defined by that act as to include the making of a diagnosis, the carrying out of tests for diagnostic purposes. Of the exceptions created by the Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 1962; one permits the treatment of an animal by physiotherapy; provided the veterinarian who has examined the animal has prescribed treatment of the animal by physiotherapy.

Chartered Physiotherapist (MSCP)

NB. ACPAT Membership year runs from 1st January to the 31st December

Which membership am I? FIND OUT MORE
Category A (MSCP) Join between 1st January & 30th June £120.00
Category A (MSCP) Join between 1st July & 31st December £60.00
Category B (MSCP) Join between 1st January & 30th June £50.00
Category B (MSCP) Join between 1st July & 31st December £25.00
Category C
(MSCP not practising in the animal field)
Join between 1st January & 31st December £35.00

Additional Information

Do you consider yourself to have a disability and/ or health problem?
If yes you will be contacted to discuss this in confidence

I understand that applications for membership will be considered and decided by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will be entitled to delegate the consideration of the applications to such servants or officers of ACPAT; as it will time to time decide. The Executive Committee will have the power, in its absolute discretion, to refuse an application for membership.

Please note: The Cat B member must be a full Cat B member for the duration of the RVC and UWE course to avoid Cat A joining fees of £120.00. *

I confirm that I have read the criteria for membership and the information on this form is complete and correct.

I would like to receive news, promotions and offers from ACPAT.

Please return completed application form with your cheque payable to ACPAT to ACPAT Secretary, Pembroke House, Middle Lane, Shotteswell. OX17 1JQ